About Us

Ecoships, a fully owned subsidiary of Newport Shipping Group, is a technical ship management company  specializing in eco-friendly and fuel-efficient shipping technologies. Ecoships is incorporated and located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Ecoships provides a wide range of innovative technical services both for its own fleet and third party owners to enhance the safety and performance of the vessels under its management.

Eco-friendly ship management is our core strength. Committed to being an industry leader in eco-friendly and fuel-efficient shipping, Ecoships continuously invests in innovative shipping technologies.  Ecoships, through its customized software suite provides shipowners solutions to assist with measuring, analyzing, optimizing and monitoring of ship operations. We use a dynamic model fine-tuned with advanced analysis of measured operational data.

At Newport and Ecoships, we operate with a fully integrated commercial and technical management structure responsible for all vessels and contracts.

Our primary focus is on tanker, chemical tanker and dry bulk segments.

  • We think eco-friendly

    Eco-friendly ship management is our passion. We are always on the lookout for finding innovative ways to improve operational performance and reduce fuel consumption.

  • We plan eco-friendly

    Innovative technologies are being introduced daily and we believe this will eventually lead to ‘zero-impact’ shipping. Everyday, we pro-actively plan to operate eco-friendly.

  • We manage eco-friendly

    Whether it is voyage planning, speed optimization, weather routing or trim optimization; we manage our ships to be eco-friendly and fuel-efficient while never compromising safety.

  • We are Eco-smart

    Eco-friendly shipping is sustainable, profitable, competitive, safer and more efficient. We believe being eco-friendly pays off. We are eco-smart.

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