Ecoships claims 15 per cent increase in fuel efficiency

Maritime Software, October 24th, 2014 – Ecoships has announced some results from use of its process and performance evaluation system, claiming that it has recorded up to 15 per cent fuel efficiency increases on some of its vessels by using a range of software tools.

The company, a subsidiary of Newport Shipping Group, is using an adapted version of the Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) technique, which Ecoships claims has led to both reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

“We specialise in eco-friendly and fuel-efficient shipping tools, techniques and technologies,” says general manager Capt. Aykut Yilmaz. “This is our core strength.”

“For us, ‘eco’ refers to both ecology and economy, so being ‘eco-smart’ really pays off. We provide shipowners with the most economical solution for optimising their operations.”

One of the first vessels to which the new process was applied was the Bulk Rose. The 25,000 dwt bulk carrier had been consuming 840g/dwt of fuel per day.

Since Ecoships started managing the vessel in January 2014, the company says that this has been reduced to 750g/dwt per day, largely through operational solutions such as trim optimisation and weather routing software.

“Bulk Rose was fitted with a shaft generator and we had access to most of the signals and measurements. But we identified that a minimum 10 per cent reduction in fuel consumption could be achieved by operational optimisation,” says Capt. Yilmaz.

“After analysing the data, we decided to retrofit a shaft power torque meter and monitoring solution for better analysis of the data along with optimal voyage planning and weather routing systems.”

“We then fed all of this data into our software for real-time analysis of fuel consumption. The result was that we were able to improve energy efficiency by 11 per cent.”

By Maritime Software