International Bulk Journal – Ecoships in the lotus position

International Bulk Journal – Ecoships, the technical ship management arm of Newport Shipping Group, has introduced a next generation bulk carrier design, developed to set the standard in ecologically compatible marine transportation

Inspired by the low friction to water flow and selfcleaning properties of the lotus flower – a symbol of purity and beauty in Buddhist and Hindu philosophy – Ecoships’ Greenlotus 32, is a 32,500dwt geared, wide hatched, handy-size bulker, designed to meet existing and future CO2 (carbon dioxide) NOx (oxides of nitrogen) and SOx (oxides of sulphur) emissions regulations.

Captain Aykut Yilmaz, Newport Shipping’s General Manager, said: “The Greenlotus 32 is a proven ecofriendly bulk carrier that builds on the success of two earlier designs delivered in 2011. From cost and energy efficiency perspectives, it makes a lot of sense for shipowners to reconsider their ageing Handies in favour of the Greenlotus 32. The return on investment is very attractive due to its extremely low fuel consumption and it meets the most stringent emissions reduction requirements.”

Newport Shipping UK is a ship management company, registered and headquartered in London, UK and provides a complete and comprehensive range of commercial and technical ship management services both for its own fleet and third party owners of dry cargo, tanker and chemical tanker tonnage.

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